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15.06.2025 Bulle (Switzerland) chamber concert
24.04.2025 Teplice (Czech Republic) with North Czech Philharmonic, cond. Charles Olivieri-Munroe
21.02.2025 Eisenach (Germany) with Thüringen Philharmonie
20.02.2025 Gotha (Germany) with Thüringen Philharmonie
17.-19.02.2025 Gotha (Germany) CD recording with Thüringen Philharmonie
13. and 14.11.2024 Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) with South Czech Philharmonic
24.09.2024 Bratislava (Slovakia) with clarinetist Shirley Brill
10.09.2024 Domazlice (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky
06.09.2024 Bielsko-Biała (Poland) with string quartet
25.05.2024 Insbruck (Austria) Masterclass
24.05.2024 Insbruck (Austria) solo concert
22.05.2024 Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) with flutist Ivica Gabrišová
11.05.2024 Łódź (Poland) masterclass
10.05.2024 Łódź (Poland) with A. Rubinstein Philharmonic, cond. Jonas Ehrler
01.03.2024 Olomouc (Czech Republic) with Roman Patkolo and Moravian Philharmonic, cond. Robert Kružík
25.02.2024 Fossombrone (Italy) Fossombrone Classica Festival with flutist Mihi Kim
15.02.2024 Bratislava (Slovakia) jury, guitar competition
27.12.2023 Ashdod (Israel) – cancelled with Ashdod Symphony Orchestra, cond. Vag Papian
17.12.2023 Slavetin (Czech Republic) with Boris Prygl
28.11.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Petr Nouzovsky
21.11.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) – cancelled with Zvi Plesser
15.11.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) – cancelled with Eunji Oh
14.11.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Pavel Šporcl and Roman Patkolo
09.-14.11.2023 Valencia (Spain) concert and jury
08.11.2023 Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) with J. Krigovsky, M. Cervienka, S. Javorkai
29.10.2023 Praha (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky
27.10.2023 Gotha (Germany) with Alexej Barchevitch
26.10.2023 Gotha (Germany) with Thüringen Philharmonie
19.10.2023 Zilina (Slovakia) with Slovak Sinfonietta
18.10.2023 Topolcany (Slovakia) with Slovak Sinfonietta
16.10.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with E. Saparayev, R. Patkolo
14.10.2023 Zagreb (Croatia) with R. Patkolo, Zagreb Soloists
13.10.2023 Rotterdam (Holland) with R. Patkolo, Zagreb Soloists
11.10.2023 Voderady (Slovakia) with P. Remenar
07.10.2023 Lednice (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Orchestrina
02.10.2023 Santiago de Chile (Chile) masterclass and concert
30.09.2023 Santiago de Chile (Chile) masterclass and concert
29.09.2023 Santiago de Chile (Chile) masterclass and concert
28.09.2023 Viña del Mar (Chile) masterclass and concert
27.09.2023 Santiago de Chile (Chile) masterclass and concert
26.09.2023 Santiago de Chile (Chile) masterclass and concert
22.09.2023 Nitra (Slovakia) Recital
18.09.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with S. and A. Jávorkai
16.09.2023 Pezinok (Slovakia) with Roman Patkolo
12.09.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) Chamber concert
20.-25.08.2023 Pezinok (Slovakia) Visegrad Music Youth Academy
23.07.2023 Domodossola (Italy) Chamber concert
27.06.2023 Trieste (Italy) Chamber concert
21.06.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) Chamber concert
05.06.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Jan Pospisil
30-31.05.2023 Palma de Malorca (Spain) Master class
25.05.2023 Vienna, Musikverein (Austria) with Roman Patkolo & Concertverein Orch., cond. Marek Stilec
24.05.2023 Jihlava (Czech Republic) with Roman Patkolo & Concertverein Orch., cond. Marek Stilec (Mahler Festival)
10.05.2023 Smizany (Slovakia) Guitar competition, jury
03-05.05.2023 Presov (Slovakia) Guitar days
24.04.2023 Klatovy (Czech Republic) with Anna Gutowska
18.04.2023 Prague (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky, FOK Prague
13.04.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Slovak Philharmonic, cond. Ricardo Casero
02.04.2023 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
12.03.2023 Seongnam (South Korea) Seongnam Arts Center
11.03.2023 Seoul (South Korea) Seoul Arts Center
19.01.2023 Oslo (Norway) with Petr Nouzovsky
20.12.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Bozena Ferancova
19.12.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Sandor Javorkai
18.12.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) Christmas concert
15.12.2022 Brno (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky
10.11.2022 Prague (Czech Republic) with Zemlinsky quartet
03.11.2022 Rome (Italy) Recital
27.10.2022 Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) Piazzolla project
16.10.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) Hummel Fest
19.09.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Meehae Ryo
22.-26.08.2022 Pezinok (Slovakia) Visegrad Music Youth Academy
02.08.2022 Ponzano di Fermo (Italy) Armonie della Sera Festival
28.06.2022 Pezinok (Slovakia) recital
27.06.2022 Martin (Slovakia) recital
26.05.2022 Zilina (Slovakia) with Roman Patkolo & Slovak Sinfonietta
05.05.2022 Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) with Michal Cervienka
28.04.2022 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
13.04.2022 Rust (Austria) Jury, Guitar Competition “Alirio Diaz”
10.04.2022 Vrutky (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
18.02.2022 Prenzlau (Germany) solo with chamber orchestra
21.11.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Branislav Svitek
18.11.2021 Pannonhalma (Hungary) with Adrien Szekeres, S. Javorkai, A. Javorkai
14.11.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia) with E. Hornyakova, M. Masarykova, P. Brslik, P. Remenar
05.11.2021 Brezno (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
04.11.2021 Presov (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
11.10.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Vag Papian
26.09.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Bozena Ferancova
20.09.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Ivica Gabrisova
16.-18.09.2021 Banska Stiavnica (Slovakia) recital and masterclass
05.09.2021 Spielfeld (Austria) with Jan Ostry and Othmar Müller
03.09.2021 Hlohovec (Slovakia) with Slovak Quartet
23.-27.08.2021 Modra (Slovakia) masterclass and concert
17.08.2021 Roskilde (Denmark) with Roman Patkolo
08.08.2021 Bratislava (Slovakia)
12.06.2021 Piestany (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
09.05.2021 Graz (Austria) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Jan Ostry
01.03.2021 Olomouc (Czech Republic) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Roman Patkolo
27.11.2020 Prenzlau (Germany) – cancelled (coronavirus) solo with chamber orchestra
19.11.2020 Zilina (Slovakia) – cancelled (coronavirus) with R. Patkolo and Slovak Sinfonietta
04.11.2020 Presov (Slovakia)- cancelled (coronavirus) with Petr Nouzovsky
18.10.2020 Ascona (Switzerland)- cancelled (coronavirus) with Pavol Remenar
09.10.2020 Eisenach (Germany) with R. Patkolo & Thüringen Philharmonie
08.10.2020 Gotha (Germany) with R. Patkolo & Thüringen Philharmonie
16-21.08.2020 Modra (Slovakia) Visegrad Music Youth Academy
03.06.2020 Berlin (Germany) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Radek Baborak’s Orchestrina
21.05.2020 Zilina (Slovakia) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Roman Patkolo & Slovak Sinfonietta
13.05.2020 Presov (Slovakia) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Pavol Remenar
12.05.2020 Vrutky (Slovakia) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Pavol Remenar
03.05.2020 Graz (Austria) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Jan Ostry
24.04.2020 Lviv (Ukraine) – cancelled (coronavirus) with Lviv Virtuosi
13.03.2020 Cartagena (Spain) – cancelled Solo
09.03.2020 Prague (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak’s Orchestrina
06.02.2020 Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) with South Czech Philharmonic
05.02.2020 Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic) with South Czech Philharmonic
26.01.2020 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Roman Patkolo and Slovak Chamber Orchestra
16.12.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Bozena Ferancova
15.12.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) Chamber concert
14.12.2019 Vrutky (Slovakia) with Dalibor Karvay
11.12.2019 Pezinok (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
25.11.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Alexej Barchevitch
08.11.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
29.10.2019 Haag (Holland) with Jan Ostry
24.-28.10.2019 Valencia (Spain) Solo (Festival)
19.10.2019 Ascona (Switzerland) with Orchestra da Camera di Lugano
08.08.2019 Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Ensemble
07.-12.07.2019 Modra (Slovakia) Visegrad masterclass
02.-06.07.2019 Kutna Hora (Czech Republic) Guitar festival – masterclass
27.06.2019 Litomysl (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Ensemble
30.05.2019 Murcia (Spain) with Pavol Remenar
24.04.2019 Prague (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky
14.04.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) Eastern concert
08.04.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) concert in Slovak National Theater
07.04.2019 Vrable (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
01.04.2019 Bratislava (Slovakia) concert in Slovak National Theater
23.03.2019 Olomouc (Czech Republic) Workshop
13.01.2019 Trencin (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
15.12.2018 Zilina (Slovakia) with Dalibor Karvay
13.12.2018 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Dalibor Karvay
27.11.2018 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Tamamo Ange Saito
19.11.2018 Washington (USA) with Dalibor Karvay
10.11.2018 Tokyo (Japan) with Tamamo Ange Saito
05.11.2018 Yamanashi (Japan) with Tamamo Ange Saito
04.11.2018 Yamanashi (Japan) with Tamamo Ange Saito
03.11.2018 Koriyama (Japan) with Tamamo Ange Saito
23.10.2018 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Roman Patkolo
19.10.2018 Lodz (Poland) with R. Patkolo and A. Rubinstein Philharmonic (cond. H. Griffiths)
16.10.2018 Skopje (Macedonia) with Petr Nouzovsky
13.10.2018 Busan (South Korea) with Hankyung Philharmonic Orchestra
12.10.2018 Sejong (South Korea) with Hankyung Philharmonic Orchestra
11.10.2018 Seoul (South Korea) with Hankyung Philharmonic Orchestra
01.10.2018 Trnava (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
21.08.2018 Kromeriz (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Ensemble
12.08.2018 Ancona (Italy) Festival armonie della sera
22.07.2018 Hamme (Belgium) with Pavol Remenar
01.-07.07.2018 Modra (Slovakia) Masterclass
14.-17.06.2018 Zruc (Czech Republic) Festival
07.06.2018 Jihlava (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky, Mahler Festival
06.05.2018 Foshan China concert tour
05.05.2018 Changsha China concert tour
03.05.2018 Yuxi China concert tour
02.05.2018 Haikou China concert tour
01.05.2018 Shenzhen China concert tour
30.04.2018 Pingxiang China concert tour
29.04.2018 Nanchang China concert tour
28.04.2018 Wuhan China concert tour
27.04.2018 Keqiao China concert tour
26.04.2018 Jiaxing China concert tour
25.04.2018 Zhuji China concert tour
23.04.2018 Hangzhou China concert tour
22.04.2018 Jinan China concert tour
21.04.2018 Dezhou China concert tour
20.04.2018 Dalian China concert tour
19.04.2018 Beijing China concert tour
11.04.2018 Imola (Italy) with Roman Patkolo, Emilia Romagna Festival
04.04.2018 Dunajska Streda (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar, festival
15.02.2018 Nitra (Slovakia) solo, festival
17.12.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) Advent concert
25.11.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
10.11.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) with NBS Trio
29.10.2017 Zelenec (Slovakia) with Pavol Remenar
28.10.2017 Novy Bor (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Ensemble
27.10.2017 Tabor (Czech Republic) with Radek Baborak Ensemble
01.09.2017 Krosno (Poland) with Pavol Remenar
27.08.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Roman Patkolo
01.08.2017 Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) International Music Festival
25.06.2017 Trnava (Slovakia) with Trnava Chamber Orchestra
11.06.2017 Osek (Czech Republic) Beethoven festival
09.05.2017 Sered (Slovakia) solo
28.04.2017 Prague (Czech Republic) with Petr Nouzovsky
21.04.2017 Poprad (Slovakia) with Dalibor Karvay
20.04.2017 Presov (Slovakia) with Dalibor Karvay
26.03.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
23.03.2017 Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) solo with Karlovy Vary symphony orchestra
12.-20.03.2017 Lima (Peru) concert and masterclass on “Festival Internacional de Guitarra”
19.02.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert – Mirbach Palace
12.02.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with Slovak Chamber Orchestra
17.01.2017 Cairo (Egypt) solo in Cairo Opera Chamber Hall
15.12.2016 Moscow (Russia) chamber concert
11.12.2016 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
10.12.2016 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Mucha Quartet
08.12.2016 Budapest (Hungary) with Pavol Remenar
05.12.2016 Paris (France) solo
03.12.2016 Nairobi (Kenya) solo
25.11.2016 Zilina (Slovakia) solo with Slovak Sinfonietta
24.11.2016 Zilina (Slovakia) solo with Slovak Sinfonietta
16.11.2016 Tbilisi (Georgia) solo with NBS Jazz Piano Trio
11.11.2016 Galanta (Slovakia) solo
27.10.2016 Olomouc (Czech Republic) solo with Moravian Philharmonic
26.10.2016 Prerov (Czech Republic) solo with Moravian Philharmonic
25.10.2016 Sumperk (Czech Republic) solo with Moravian Philharmonic
24.10.2016 Prostejov (Czech Republic) solo with Moravian Philharmonic
22.10.2016 Jesenik (Czech Republic) solo with Moravian Philharmonic
18.10.2016 Netanya (Israel) solo with orchestra
17.10.2016 Netanya (Israel) Zarzuela evening
09.10.2016 Lanskroun (Czech Republic) chamber concert
07.10.2016 Trnava (Slovakia) with Moyzes Quartet
04.10.2016 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with Mucha Quartet
14.09.201626.09.2016 China tour solo with Virtuosi di Praga
24.-30.08.2016 Piestany, Bardejov, Spisske Podhradie, Humenne (Slovakia) with Virtuosi di Praga
17.08.2016 Seoul (South Korea) solo
16.08.2016 Wonju (South Korea) solo
30.07.2016 Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic) chamber concert
17.07.2016 Modra (Slovakia) chamber concert
15.07.2016 Szczecin (Poland) solo with Baltic Neopolis Quartet
14.07.2016 Szczecin (Poland) solo with Baltic Neopolis Quartet
02.07.2016 Budapest (Hungary) chamber concert
21.06.201629.06.2016 South Korea tour recitals
21.06.201629.06.2016 South Korea tour recitals
04.06.201617.06.2016 South America tour (Chile, Ecuador, Peru) solo with Virtuosi di Praga
20.03.2016 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
18.03.2016 Vienna (Austria) chamber concert
06.03.2016 Bratislava (Slovakia) Slovak National Opera
20.12.2015 Kosice (Slovakia) solo with Slovak State Philharmonic
18.12.2015 Kosice (Slovakia) solo with Slovak State Philharmonic
15.11.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
13.11.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
17.10.2015 Vienna (Austria) chamber concert
14.10.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with Moyzes Quartet
20.09.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
02.09.201515.09.2015 China tour chamber concerts
15.08.2015 Gaming (Austria) recital
11.08.2015 Domodossola (Italy) chamber concert
08.08.2015 Torun (Poland) chamber concert
24.07.2015 Krosno (Poland) chamber concert
23.07.2015 Bardejovske Kupele (Slovakia) chamber concert
09.07.2015 Ljubljana (Slovenia) recording for TV and Radio
08.07.2015 Ljubljana (Slovenia) chamber concert
13.06.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
11.06.2015 Bern (Switzerland) chamber concert
04.06.2015 Rome (Italy) chamber concert
28.05.2015 Pretoria (South Africa) chamber concert
24.05.2015 Pretoria (South Africa) chamber concert
19.05.2015 Sofia (Bulgaria) chamber concert
17.05.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
13.05.2015 Budapest (Hungary) chamber concert
10.05.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
09.05.2015 Vienna (Austria) recital
30.04.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
27.04.2015 Košice (Slovakia) solo with Slovak Sinfonietta
10.04.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
18.03.2015 Berlin (Germany) chamber concert
27.02.2015 The Hague (Holland) chamber concert
26.02.2015 Brussels (Belgium) chamber concert
22.02.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
15.02.2015 Seoul Art Center, Seoul (South Korea) solo and chamber concert
06.02.201514.02.2015 Jeju Festival, Jeju (South Korea) solo recitals and chamber concerts
28.01.2015 Mikulov (Czech Rep.) chamber concert
22.01.2015 Rome (Italy) chamber concert
20.01.2015 Hamme (Belgium) chamber concert
09.01.2015 Rzeszow (Poland) solo with Rzeszow Philharmonic, cond. Pawel Przytocki (PL)
18.12.2014 Zagreb (Croatia) chamber concert
14.12.2014 Bratislava chamber concert
07.11.2014 Banská Bystrica (Slovakia) solo with Cappella Istropolitana
12.10.2014 Netanya (Israel) “Tango Mystery” concert
11.10.2014 Netanya (Israel) solo with Netanya Orchestra, cond. Ziv Cojocaru (Isr.)
03.10.2014 Stockholm (Sweden) chamber concert
26.09.2014 Wertingen (Germany) solo recital
21.09.2014 San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy) chamber concert
01.08.2014 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) solo with The Classical Music Maniacs, International Music Festival
26.07.2014 Sv. Anton (Slovakia) chamber concert
22.05.2014 Žilina (Slovakia) solo with Slovak Sinfonietta, cond. Theodore Kuchar (USA)
31.03.2014 Poděbrady, Divadlo na Kovárně (Czech Republic) chamber concert
30.03.2014 Bratislava, Zichy Palace chamber concert
29.01.2014 Slovak Radio Concert Hall, Bratislava with Yossi Arnheim (flute), Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Vahagn Papian (Isr.)
15.12.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
21.11.2013 Prague (Czech Republic) chamber concert
17.11.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert – Bratislava
03.11.2013 Königs Wusterhausen (Germany) solo with Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester, cond. Kevin Griffiths (GB)
25.10.2013 Karmiel (Israel) solo recital
24.10.2013 Herzliya (Israel) solo with Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, cond. Pawel Przytocki (PL)
06.10.2013 Frankfurt am Oder (Germany) solo with Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester, cond. Jürgen Brunns (DE)
02.09.201310.09.2013 Manfredonia (Italy) chamber concert – Festival Manfredonia
21.08.2013 Tallinn (Estonia) chamber concert – Tallinn Festival
18.08.2013 Gaming (Austria) solo with Slovak Quartet – Chopin Festival Gaming
17.08.2013 Gaming (Austria) solo and chamber concert – Chopin Festival Gaming
08.08.2013 Český Krumlov (Czech Republic) solo with Virtuosi Pragenses, Festival Český Krumlov
16.07.2013 Baceno (Italy) chamber concert
25.05.2013 Teplice, Jimlín (Czech Republic) chamber concert – Beethoven Festival
01.05.201315.05.2013 Helsinki (Finland) chamber concert
23.04.2013 Prague (Czech Republic) chamber concert
14.04.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
11.04.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with Zemlinsky Quartet
07.04.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with Cappella Istropolitana
11.03.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) solo with The Classical Music Maniacs
03.03.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) chamber concert
03.02.201304.02.2013 Rome (Italy) solo with Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma, cond. Mario Kosik (SK)
12. 08. 2012 Gaming (Austria) Chamber concert
16.06.2012 Seognam (South Korea) solo with Universal Symphony Orchestra, cond. Jeong Wol Tae (South Korea)
19.04.2012 Bratislava (Slovakia) with Giampiero Sobrino (Italy)
10.03.2012 Bogota (Colombia) solo with Bogota Philharmonic, cond. Carmen Moral (Peru)
17.11.2011 Bucuresti (Romania) Chamber concert
25.03.2011 Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) solo with Karlsbad Symphony Orchestra, cond. Frantisek Drs (Czech Republic)
24.03.2011 Teplice (Czech Republic) solo with North Czech Symphony Orchestra, cond. Charles Olivieri Monroe (Canada – Czech Republic)
12.02.2011 Brindisi (Italy) solo
05-06.02.2011 Verona (Italy) solo with Orchestra Fondazione Arena di Verona, cond. Amos Talmon (Israel)


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